Our Vision for Old City Hall

Since 1990 I have driven past Tacoma’s Old City Hall and imagined a place where this beautiful building could house a mix of successful retail shops and innovative companies. As time went by, we watched as many tried to develop the building, yet it never gained the traction its original founders envisioned. 

When our company was selected to purchase this iconic building, we recognized the importance of completing this project on time, within budget, and preserving the historic significance of its past. Furthermore, SURGE aims to innovate by creating a marketplace in retail and a technology center for companies that ultimately brings in higher paying jobs to the community.

Old City Hall Tacoma (OCH) is the third building to be restored in the district, including our Union Club and McMenamin’s Elk’s Temple. These restored, historic buildings bring more people to the North End of Pacific Avenue to Live, Work, Eat and Play. Our community values its historic past and OCH aims to memorialize this with its partnership with the Tacoma Historic Society utilizing the tours and exhibits it creates.

A visit to Old City Hall Tacoma in 2021 will be a different experience than any you can find in Tacoma. There will be multiple levels of retail that are open in a marketplace experience. The Grand Staircase will lead entrepreneurs to their desk or office at a state-of-the-art facility with captivating views of Puget Sound over two floors. 

Residents of OCH will head up to the fourth floor and enjoy one of our 40 apartments, all with windows of the surrounding neighborhoods. The roof and ground floor will have spectacular restaurants and bars where our members and community can meet. The grandiose clock tower that has been silent for so many years will be put to “The Challenge” and will ring on December 31, 2021.

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