Creating A Unique Eating Experience By Eli Moreno

When the Surge Tacoma team was given the opportunity to restore the iconic City Hall Building, we knew that we needed to have the latest innovations reside in the historic surrounding. This starts when visitors and members enter the first floor with an empty stomach or need a place to meet for a quick, informal meeting. This is the perfect setting to introduce Tacoma to our version of the Food Hall that is now common in other areas around the country and world.

To those that have visited Melrose Market in Seattle, the Pine Street Market in Portland or the nearly 20 Food Halls in NYC, it is where great food, cool surroundings, and general convenience all meet. It is different and from a food court and this eating, the experience is trending in large buildings, downtowns, and even airports. 

At Old City Hall, we will bring this progressive design and experience to Tacoma in a unique surrounding. We are currently working with a team of experienced Food Hall designers to model a creative space on the Commerce Street level of the building. Enter through any entrance and find a variety of cuisiness, coffee shops, retail spaces, and somewhere to grab a ready-made meal for dinner. We are listening to Tacoma residents asking for various types of shops and a market. We are working to secure the most ideal vendors for the community.

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