CoWorking Creates Value for Everyone

Coworking is no longer a trend but a productive means for individuals and companies to work efficiently. A recent report predicted that flexible workspaces will account for 30% of the US office space in 2030. Here in Tacoma, our flagship SURGETacoma site rapidly filled in 2013 and grew to three locations seeing over 500 companies join our community over seven years. Our city has since welcomed many new coworking spaces to the area since we first opened illustrating this continued growth locally.

Members of our SURGE community often report they value three factors of coworking:

  • Networking
  • Amenities
  • Flexibility 

It is common that companies and individuals network to rapidly fill needs such as our lawyers utilizing our web designers or tech startups aligning with marketing specialists for part-time help. Having our app’s digital tools helps to facilitate these interactions while minimizing costs and maximizing productivity. 

Our members spend significant time in our spaces so providing them trendy furnishings, fast, reliable internet and fresh coffee have always been our priority. Our community values the flexibility of a monthly plan. This gives them a mailing address, printers, conference rooms, and a seat with a new view every day.

Coworking allows members to work close to home and even live car-free. This helps the community as a whole and creates value for everyone. SURGE is adding more amenities to the Old City Hall space with upstairs coliving space and large floor plans for enterprise companies with sweeping views of the water. The 20,000sf of coworking and technology center will be the ignition to help many companies to grow and we look forward to welcoming these new members to our community. 

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